Welcome to the Battle of the Minds

Battle Of The Minds | Introduction


 The Story and Creation of Battle of the Minds

He approaches the stage of the noisy auditorium; he can feel the energy of the cheering crowd as he enters the stage. He advances toward the crowd throwing out questions, the crowd responds with possible answers. Correct answers are rewarded with money and gifts. “And the Grammy goes to…”, a scream is heard from the crowd, “Kanye!”, “Diddy we love you!”. Baron Jay speaks, “I am not Kanye or Diddy. Although, people believe we look like each other.” He continues, “…the Grammy goes to Lincoln High School! For answering and retaining the most correct answers to my questions on American achieve­ments!”

Battle of the Minds will contribute to the likelihood of reception and retention of little widespread knowl­edge. The vision is to see a more intelligent interaction throughout the people, of all cultures, accom­plished through education and attainment of mutual respect for all humankind.

Baron sees the importance of inspiring people and has a vision of sparking that inspiration through human interaction. He has dedicated time to speaking with both, students and adults asking them questions on American Achievement. From these experi­ences he received