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“Having been deprived of the richness of our history deprives us of the springs and motives of human action that would tell us the possibilities that are within us. If you know what your forebears did, then you know the realm of possibility for you. If you are deprived of that history, then you have nothing to connect yourself to as a person.”

“Every human being requires knowledge of self as part of the proper cultivation of the divinity that is in them. If we hope to live together in peace with others in society, we must know something of the cultures that make up this so called melting pot.”

“One of America’s greatest crimes was and is depriving us totally of the knowledge of self. This is a crime of immeasurable dimension… You are left vulnerable to attach yourself to the circumstances you are given.”

Battle of the Minds with Baron Jay & Friends inspired by "Your Little Black Book Series" which focus on the accomplishments in Sports, History, Entertainment, First, Inventions & Business of African Americans, Hispanic/Latino, White Americans, Asian Americans & other cultures that make up the American melting pot.