What People Are Saying


Battle Of The Minds | Introduction



What the people are saying.


The questions are fun and stuff. I was surprise and terrify when they approach me as I was leaving Subway. I was able to get my cell phone paid.

James Pham
San Diego, CA

I had a great time it was very spontaneous. I did not get any answers correct but it was something I needed to get me going for rest of my day.

Mark Redar
Los Angeles, CA

I answered 2 questions correctly out of 5 so I was disqualify from getting a bill paid but I walked away with a book and a cold Huberts beverage.

Donna Spencer
Oakland, CA

What a unique way to stabilize the economy by paying people bills. I did not get a bill paid but I walk away with a book and a $25.00 gift card from chase for participating in the fun.

Darin Ray
Littleton, CO

They are playful and forceful. My family owns a small local restaurant. I answered 3 questions correctly out of 5 and they gave me $100.00 so that I can reward my next 10 customers with $10.00 off their next meal courtesy of Battle of the Minds but the customers have to like them on Facebook and watch my short segment answering the questions.

Keith Wayne
Chicago, IL

I did not want to participate at first because I was in a bad mood but the host changed that around quickly. They reimbursement me for gas I just purchased at Exxon.

Debra Shine
Detroit, MI

These guys are hilarious and out of the box. I am a store owner. They came into my store and said, “If I can answer 3 questions out of 5 on American Achievement they will purchase $100 worth of clothes.”

Justin Saunders
Glendale, AZ

This is a miracle. I am good at guessing because I did not know any of the answers. I was able to get my car note paid for $273.00

Kristina Smith
Bladensburg, MD

Wow, I won a $150 American Express gift card. I did not get any answers wrong. I guess public school is paying off. I want you guys to come to our school.

Sherrail Smith | High School Student
Cleveland, OH